Terms & Conditions 

The terms and conditions on the Island are quite simple and focused on ensuring the guests have a safe, comfortable and unforgettable experience when they come to Wilderness Island and that the pristine environment of the island is protected.

This service involves travel in remote areas. The operators reserve the right to alter itineraries as necessitated by prevailing weather and operating conditions.


Payment Terms

To confirm your booking, we will need 25% non-refundable deposit and the final payment is required 60 days prior to arrival. 

Please make payments by direct deposit to Wilderness Island Pty Ltd.


Westpac Bank

Wilderness Island Pty Ltd

BSB: 036180

Account: 196024


Cancellation and Refunds

We reserved the right to cancel a booking due to weather or mechanical reasons.

If for any reason you need to cancel your trip the deposit is non-refundable. Due to being a small business we are dependant on occupancy and cancellations frequently result in empty rooms. 

  • If you give us 45 days notice with good reason for your cancellation, we will happily reschedule your trip to the dates that suits existing bookings as long as this occurs within 12 months from the original booking.
  • For cancellation within 30days prior to arrival, no refund (for this reason, we recommend you have travel insurance)
  • Wilderness Island reserves the right to cancel or postpone a trip due to inclement weather or any other circumstances beyond their control


Travel Insurance

You will be travelling to an isolated wilderness area. With most Australian wilderness areas, there is the chance of encounters with rugged terrain, native animals, marine environments with associated hazards, venomous creatures and biting insects.

For this reason, we recommend for your peace of mind, that you take out travel insurance for the duration of your travel to, at and from Wilderness Island.

To protect non-refundable deposits and payments we strongly recommend you purchase comprehensive travel insurance



Wilderness Island is open from April to October/November and closed from December to March due to possible cyclone activities and very hot weather. For couples and families with children, we recommend the best time is May to October for the milder conditions.

Depending on the weather our season can extend to December. The hotter months November to December do bring with it a whole range of new fishing adventures.



We recommend the island stay is suitable for children from the age of 4 and up. Children 11years and younger are ½ price


Food preferences/allergies
Before arrival, please notify us of any food preferences or allergies, so that we can plan our menus accordingly. 


Baggage limit  

Baggage restriction is of 1 soft overnight bag plus fishing gear if needed, combined total of no more than (15kg) personal baggage applies as transfers are by boat or small plane.


Use of equipment  
We have equipment available for guests to use such as kayaks, snorkelling gear, fishing gear and other camp facilities. However, our policy is ‘any lost or broken items will have to be replaced’.


We require all guests to behave decently with consideration for other guests, hosts and the environment – no aggressive or abusive behaviour, excessive drunkenness, theft, property/environmental damage, etc. We reserve the right to eject people from the island if these terms and conditions are not followed. 
Regarding your stay at Wilderness Island, we will send further information and promotion details in an email to you.


Fishing Policy
As Wilderness Island aims to be as sustainable and responsible as possible: we fish for the future. We follow the rule, that there is NO fish taken from the island and surrounding waters by our guests. All guests are required to follow a strict catch and release procedure during their stay on the island and while fishing the surrounding waters. The hosts on Wilderness can offer exceptions for extraordinary occasions during your stay at the island in a reasonable matter.


Personal Safety
Wilderness Island is committed to ensuring all our tours are conducted in a safe and professional manner. Due care is to be taken whilst in the natural environment. Whilst Wilderness Island offers reliable equipment and highly experienced professional guides, the safety of guests is their own responsibility.  A public liability waiver form is required to be signed at the time of booking.