About Wilderness Island

Wilderness Island is an ecological paradise in Exmouth Gulf in North Western Australia.

We offer small groups an exclusive and unforgettable experience on their own private island. In an untouched environment, fisherman, family and nature lovers alike can enjoy the beauty of the Island and it’s surrounding waters. You can experience a range of activities such as fishing, mud crabbing, whale watching, wildlife, walks, snorkelling, kayaking, bird watching, exploring, stargazing or simply relaxing within the peaceful natural setting.

The island offers an exclusive adventure holiday for up to 15 guests. The limited number of people ensures you get to experience the very best of the island and its surrounds in a peaceful and relaxed environment. You will have access to pristine reef and beach environments including some of the best fishing on offer in Australia.

We aim to create a stress-free and unpretentious place, making it the ideal place to discuss the day’s itinerary,
relax with a book from the library, go fishing, listen to some great music or
just listen to the whisper of waves upon the beach.