Island Stay

In an untouched environment, fishermen and nature lovers alike can enjoy the beauty of the island and its surrounding waters.



Just you, the island, and your own personal space in nature. Wilderness Island is 21 miles from Exmouth and with only boat and air access. You will feel like you are a million miles from anywhere.

The beachfront safari cabins make Wilderness Island ideal for that close to nature experience but with all the comforts you need. The island is fully staffed and catered for with the freshest of seafood and local produce and all manner of creature comforts to make your stay unforgettable.


$2900 per person (minimum of 2 parties for 6 days/5 nights)
Children 11 years and younger are ½ price

What’s included in your stay

  • 5 nights accommodation in our comfortable beach front cabins, just 20m from the beach
  • Fully catered, all meals and snacks supplied and cooked for you
  • Transfers to and from the island
  • Full use of fishing gear, snorkelling gear, kayaks and all other island facilities
  • Activities you can do around the island
    • Fishing (Catching dinner)
    • Kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkelling or just soaking up the atmosphere of island life
  • An organised activity every day
    • Boating, exploring the other islands in the area
    • Fishing (from the boat)
    • Marine eco tour
    • Bush walking
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